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The insights revealed through Smarter Analytics can help you make better, faster decisions and automate processes. You can build a solid foundation of strategic analytics products and services to take advantage of all of your data sources, including structured and unstructured data. And you can get the support you need to manage change and stay one step ahead of your competition.

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Engage with customers, partners, and employees to drive greater productivity, efficiency, and innovation.


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  • Is your company vulnerable to a data breach?

    The potential of big data is making companies to gather client information at an exceptional speed. In their way to get better insights, enterprises come to be progressively susceptible to data breaches. There is not too surprising that The Identity Theft Resource Center registered 30% increased number of breaches in Read more →

  • Data Replication

    Top professionals in industry have noticed a tendency: companies are improving their information infrastructures to deal with big data. However big data doesn’t mean disappearance for data warehouses. Conversely, big data concerns could be stronger resolved by an improved, or upgraded data warehouse. Involved in that upgrade procedure, a number Read more →

  • New available build notification (73605)

    This is our spam / virus filter update for customers on the mx1 / filtering cluster. The information is brought to you by our vendor, Spam Experts.  Filtering (services): The api_set_update_day_and_time has a new argument that may be used to get a status code response rather than a blank Read more →

  • Information Governance in Healthcare

    Lately I have spoken to a team on the subject of the benefit of data management for big data, and the most excellent story was from healthcare sector. People from other niches plainly recognized the concerns connected to low quality of data and duplication of data that implemented in virtually Read more →

  • Big Data is Expanding

    Our latest research regarding big data architectures brought an idea that big data is expanding. It has quickly shifted from a variety of crucial, but over-hyped technological innovations disrupting core relational DB industry areas to an growing environment to modernize information management and analytics. Netezza’s system was the first data Read more →

What Our Clients Say

NewPush Technologies have been wonderful to work with. I use my web mail a lot and this service is state of the art. They have helped my business success whether I am working in my office or from some remote location. I now have a better feel for technology and caring service.

– Larry Wintersteen

I have gotten many infected emails this week. The Postini software has captured them and prevented a lot of problems. Thanks for all the great support I receive from NewPush.

– Shirley Crider

The change we made yesterday allows me to send and receive emails even when at my clients site! This is a great time saver for me. Thanks so much for being so thorough.

– Crystal M. Aschenbrenner

If you want a list of reasons I use TheNewPush, it would include great customer service, affordable fees, quick responses to my questions, and their proactive approach in assisting me to avoid common technology-related headaches. I refer my clients and my network of professionals to TheNewPush with complete confidence.

– Todd Christensen

NewPush Technologies is the best ISP I’ve ever had. I just recommended you to my parish as they are looking for a new ISP.

– Tom Cervenka

Koh Samui Direct needed a clearly better alternative to commodity hosting companies. TheNewPush has excellent global network connections to deliver speedy content to all our international clients

– Douglas Pugh

Thank you very much for your patient support. Every time I have talked with you, the response has been patient, pleasant, timely and effective. Keep up the good work, it separates you guys from the rest of the pack.

– Joseph Wofford

Shelley (our customer) has just previewed her site on our servers and given us the go ahead for the change. She had only one comment which she kept repeating over and over – “God this is fast.” Her previous experience was with Verio.

– John Parker

We use NewPush Technologies for our secured transaction hosting for our varied websites. We have seen the opportunity to use the customer service department and can say that the response we receive from NewPush is outstanding. We have experience with many hosts, normally it takes from hours to days to get things resolved. With NewPush I get responses fast, the last being in less than 5 minutes from the time I reported it. If your business depends on a company that is responsive and cares about your up time, then I would strongly suggest that you consider NewPush Technologies.

– Dave Fant